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Higher Ed Management

General Assembly offers educational opportunities in the areas of technology, design, and entrepreneurship. The first campus is located in New York City, with a second campus in-the-works for London.

I think General Assembly (or GA) presents a very compelling offer to adult learners. Its programs are constructed according to demand. Instructors are not former industry leaders, but current leaders. Their programs are as much about access to other people with similar interests, as it is access to knowledge. The locations, New York and soon London, are part of the value proposition for the would-be entrepreneurs. GA’s visual identity mimics the start-ups and “fast companies” that the students aspire to lead. The school teaches entrepreneurship, but is, itself, entrepreneurial.

The organization’s “tone”, then, mirrors the subject matter of the education. This is an important quality; one that higher education tends to ignore. We need to remember that adult students select educational…

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